BbyB flagship store

Pure, elegant and exclusive... the BbyB flagship store in Bruges reflects the essence of BbyB down to the smallest detail. From the colourful design packaging to the sleek, bright shop design, our store is all about authentic, good taste.

You can choose your own selection, by number or colour, or with the aid of our experienced chocolate experts. A single box of pralines or a combination of five or ten flavours attractively packaged in a sedate, black box. A special present or gift to yourself. The possibilities are endless, the (flavour) experiences are always unique. At BbyB you'll find tasteful masterpieces for everyone.

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Sint-Amandsstraat 39, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
+32 (0) 50 705 760 |
Thursday - Friday: 10u30 - 12u00      12u30 -18u30
Saturday: 10u30 - 18u30

Sundays and Holidays: closed
Monday  Wednesday: closed

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