BbyB for business to business

If you are looking for a corporate gift that leaves a lasting impression, the haute cuisine chocolate collections by BbyB will do just that. Not just any chocolate, but sophisticated flavour combinations in personalised design packaging.

BbyB chocolate is an award-winning concept by chocolatier Jan Verleye and Bart Desmidt, owner and chef of starred restaurant Bartholomeus. Their passion has resulted in an exclusive and distinctive product, with all the ingredients for a special gift for your clients.

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BbyB chocolate as a business gift. Your best idea today.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? In its deluxe version and many unique flavours, BbyB chocolate is a gift that will impress your business relations. A tasteful present that - with your own branding - will always fall on fertile ground. Moreover, BbyB will gladly assist you. For example, if you want larger numbers, but over a longer period. Your own unique packaging can be printed in larger volumes while you can order smaller quantities of fresh chocolate at your convenience. Contact us about the possibilities!

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