Chocolate GiftsIf you are looking for a chocolate gift and you are thinking about chocolate from Belgium, BbyB might just be the chocolate gift you're looking for. BbyB gourmet chocolate is an innovative chocolate brand, crafted by Michelin-starred chef Bart Deschmidt en master chocolatier Jan Verleye.

Especially the BbyB chocolate gift boxes will make sure your gift will be remembered. For it's contents of course, because BbyB chocolate offers over 20 unique flavours, many of which will surprise you.

Our chocolate gift boxes

BbyB chocolate gift boxes come in several pre-selected collections:

Golden Box Collection
The most popular BbyB chocolate in one collection… a golden selection with hits like number 58 (pure chocolate, babelutte and sea salt) and number 09 (milk chocolate and passion fruit).

Favourites of the Chef
The collection for connoisseurs. Numbers 63 (white chocolate, passion fruit and basil) and 48 (pure chocolate and ginger) make our collection a gastronomical voyage of discovery.

Classic Collection
The classics united in one collection with popular flavours like number 84 (white chocolate, hazelnut, coffee) and 15 (milk chocolate, babelutte and hazelnut).

Black Collection
For fans of bitter chocolate, a selection of pure chocolates filled with various ganaches.

There's also Your Collection: pick and choose from dozens of special flavours and compose your own unique chocolate gift box.

Designer chocolate

But it's not just beauty on the inside... The modern design of BbyB's chocolate gift boxes and the colourful packaged sleeves inside are also pleasing to the eye.

To make your gift complete, you can add a gift card with your personal message. So... choose your gift box, write your message and we'll make sure it gets there! We ship to countries world wide.

Whatever you want to say... say it with chocolate!